Lilith in 12 Zodiac Signs of Astrology

Lilith in Aries

When Black Moon Lilith occupies Aries in the natal chart, the individual might feel discomfort asserting oneself. While Aries naturally embodies self-assertion, individuals with Lilith in this sign may often find themselves in self-destructive cycles when they try to assert their rights.

They might either make self-centered decisions or be wary of expressing their Aries traits fully. On the positive side, recognizing that self-assertion is their right can empower them to embrace their true nature without feeling ashamed, shamed, or ridiculed.

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Lilith in Taurus

Taurus is a sign associated with comfort, luxury, and basic needs. However, with Black Moon Lilith here, there can be extremes of behavior in these areas. One might vacillate between self-indulgence and a binging and purging cycle.

This placement can make individuals wary of people expressing Aries traits. For instance, they could feel ashamed of their basic needs or may indulge too much, only to later feel ashamed for self-indulgence. Self-acceptance can help empower these individuals, helping them find the path to moderation and empowerment.

Lilith in Gemini

Gemini is a sign that thrives on communication. When Lilith resides here, individuals might find themselves speaking too much or too little. They might even become social butterflies, but still feel stifled in some manner.

They may flaunt their intelligence, only to feel deeply misunderstood. Their communication may be choppy, extreme, and messy, often feeling uncomfortable or annoyed by the expressions of others.

Lilith in Cancer

Here, the discomfort arises in the realm of nurturing. Individuals might feel ashamed for being needy or may doubt their own nurturing nature. While they have a natural desire to care for others, the repressed feelings may lead to a cycle of feeling needy, then ashamed of that neediness.

Lilith in Leo

Leo seeks attention and appreciation. With Lilith in this sign, the individual may swing between seeking the spotlight and feeling ashamed, off, or wrong for wanting attention. They might overcompensate by speaking too much or too little, wary of people expressing these Leonine traits, and questioning their worldly goals and ambitions.

Lilith in Virgo

In Virgo, Black Moon Lilith makes the individual grapple with attention to details. They might either have perfectionist expectations or leave many projects unfinished. They can be wicked with what they say due to Virgo’s analytical nature, always seeking to be better but often feeling not ordinary, worried, or eager to please.

Lilith in Libra

Libra’s natural state of wanting companionship is complicated by Lilith. Individuals here might swing between needing companionship and being overly independent. They might be always seeking approval, yet feeling stifled or deeply misunderstood in relationships. The balance between dependency and compromise becomes essential.

Lilith in Scorpio

Lilith in Scorpio highlights the need for intimacy and depth contact. One might feel uncomfortable with their natural need for intimacy or expressing jealousy or possessiveness. Recognizing and embracing this depth can help transform these feelings.

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Lilith in Sagittarius

The restless nature of Sagittarius is intensified by Lilith. Individuals might feel an overwhelming need to challenge and question life/facts/beliefs, leading to a sense of curiosity, questions, and restlessness. They might also feel uncomfortable around people who don’t share their thirst for knowledge.

Lilith in Capricorn

Capricorn, with its desire to excel and succeed, when combined with Lilith, might make individuals either too materialistic, status-conscious, or feel uncomfortable with people aiming for these worldly goals. They need to connect with their own ambitions without feeling the need to transform or made to fit someone’s too-high expectations.

Lilith in Aquarius

In Aquarius, the individual might swing between wanting to be part of a group, team, or community and feeling stifled by it. They might engage in binging and purging on a social level, eager to please yet resisting labels. The challenge is to recognize and reject these basic needs without feeling ashamed.

Lilith in Pisces

Here, Lilith can make someone either very compassionate or wishy-washy. They might struggle with their spiritual side, sometimes being needy, compassionate, and then rejecting these feelings. While they might resist labels, understanding their basic needs in these areas can lead to self-acceptance and moderation.