6 Questions You Should Ask Baby Modelling Agencies

When you are looking at potential baby modelling agencies for your baby model there is a set of question to ask them that will ensure your baby have a prosperous baby modelling career.

1) Will the agency be able to assist in Creative Director keeping my baby safe during shoots? Even though no agency can guarantee your child’s safety while you are on a shoot they do take additional safety precautions when they are booking the shoot. Sometimes a safety clause is added to the contract and every new prospective client is researched to ensure that they are legit and safe. If an agency cannot provide you with any assistance in the safety field it might be better to avoid them.

2) How will the agency promote and provide my baby with industry exposure? The baby modelling agencies you look at should give you a clear indication of how they plan to promote your baby in the industry. Pay careful attention when they share the plans. Simply putting a picture on a website is not enough exposure. Your baby’s portfolio should be shown to every customer who is looking for baby models, that fits the category your baby fits in.

3) Will the agency help you to prepare your baby for a shoot? Some agencies have trained specialists that will teach you everything about preparing your baby for a shoot while others will give you tips on how you should prepare your baby. Preparation is a key factor to a successful shoot, and should be part of the services the agency offer.

4) Is the baby modelling agencies able to assist you in time management? Some bookers and agencies goes as far as providing you with a daily schedule, while others will only provide you with dates, times and locations. Even though some agencies do more than others to assist you in time management it is important to remember that proper planning means an easier day to get through.

5) Will the agency be able to assist you with a practice shoot? Most baby modelling agencies do a shoot as part of the baby’s portfolio, while other requires the parent to keep the portfolio up to date. An agency that will assist you in planning and running a mock shoot to ensure that your baby will be able to cope with the demands and chaos that sometimes happens during a shoot is well worth considering. Knowing how your baby copes with a shoot will also be good indication of the workload the baby is able to handle.

6) Will the agency be able to help me with the contracts? Every legit modelling agency out there have legal representation, while some agencies might require you to call in additional legal help, others will give you the opportunity to discuss the legal aspects with the legal rep. Understanding what the contracts of baby modelling agencies mean will ensure that you take no missteps and have to face the legal consequences as a result.